Get Lit with LED Skin Therapy!

LightStim LED Skin Therapy uses photo bio modulation which means the use of light to control biology. Your skin actually absorbs the LED light kind of similar to the way plants absorb sunlight. These waves of light help heal and repair the skin by stimulating blood flow and collagen production and even killing acne bacteria. Many factors in our lives create inflammation in the skin. Things like sun damage, or stress for instance compromise this natural process. LED light gives this healing process a little kick start! 

In fact LightStim even did a clinical trial on their device. 100% of the clinical trial participants saw a significant improvement in reducing the depth and size of wrinkles within 2 months. The FDA then called for a second study to prove that this wasn't a "Cinderella Effect" meaning that when you stop using the light the results don't go away overnight. So three months after the initial study 92% of participants experienced a further reduction in their wrinkles. 

Thanks to the LightStim company, I can offer these lights for you to use at home! 
Here are the purchasing options I have for you:

LightStim for Wrinkles(Red LED)$249
Also includes LightStim photo masque, photo serum and 3 sheet masks

LightStim for Acne(Blue LED)$169

Double Light bundle (BothRedandBlueLED) $418
Includes LightStim for Wrinkles, LightStim for Acne, LightStim photo masque, photo serum and 3 sheet masks. 

Each light has a 6 year warranty and shipping is free.

Take The "Get Lit" Challenge:
Use your LightStim hand held light 5 times per weeks for eight weeks. Send me your before and after pics and you'll have a chance to win a facial of your choosing with me! You have plenty of time (until September 1, 2020) to send me pictures! 

You can watch my awkward LightStim home demo here!

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