What the heck is sugaring?

As summer approaches and the warmer weather is having everyone stripping down to their swim suits, we as women, stand in the mirror and critique every flaw we believe exists. We realize we have one week to do a thousand crunches and eat leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, we know this is absurd, but who cares?

Then you look down...

What the what?

Not only did you not shave your legs or pits all winter, you probably neglected your lady garden! Why is shaving such a chore? We HATE it! So you pull out your razor and 5 blades later, TA DA... you made it through with only 3 cuts! What about that razor burn though? The fire that no matter what you put on it, only seems to get worse and you're convinced you'll die a slow painful death because you probably used an unsanitized razor from the filthy manufacturing plant where only men work and they probably all sit around laughing at us. (Ladies we're dramatic, but it's a well known fact, we are right about everything.)

So you start thinking about your options. Laser? Wax? Sugaring? Wait, what's that last one? Sugaring! NO, I don't take tiny grains of sugar and rub the hair out. It's an all natural melted product that is actually edible!

Rumor has it, sugar doesn't hurt. I'm here to tell you, when you're pulling hair out by the root, it's going to hurt. However, it's been my experience in my 11 years sugaring, it hurts less (than wax) for about 95% of my clientele. There are no sticks or strips as it's all done by holding a blob in my hand. It's molding on in the opposite direction of hair growth in order to grab the hair deeper in the follicle and pulled off in the direction of hair growth to give less hair breakage. It's also less adhesive to the skin, so while it will take off dead skin cells, your skin that is supposed to stay put, stays put! We tend to like our skin not being ripped off.

Here are some contraindications for sugaring (that means if any of the following apply to you then you should not having sugaring done.):

Type 2 diabetes

Taking blood thinners

Using acetone (within the last 6 months)

Things you should know before your appointment:

The hair is best at least a quarter of an inch long.Don't pull out your tape measure, just imagine a piece of long grain rice. Seems pretty close, you're good to go! Also, exfoliating before your appointment will help the hair removal process. No sand paper, just a gentle scrub.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! In case I hadn't mentioned it, EXFOLIATE!!

Wait at least 2 to 3 days after your appointment and then start exfoliating every 2 or 3 days to keep any ingrown hairs from becoming the giant painful volcano of pain! Does this mean you won't get any ingrown hairs? No, but it is less likely if you exfoliate. It won't look or feel like an embarrassing growth. Last but not least, moisturize daily! Please refrain from using a scented moisturizer. Our lady bits are sensitive and should be treated as so. A good non-scented moisturizer is fine. If you are unsure about your arsenal of lotion bottles , ask your sugaring expert (me).

There you have it ladies! Strip down to your bikini, jump in the water and don't worry about your friend, spouse or child screaming out, "HOLY AFRO!"

Yours truly,

Sarah Starbuck

aka The Sugar Queen

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