Benefits of Facial Massage

One of the most critical and often overlooked steps of any facial is the facial massage. Some estheticians incorporate this into every facial service while others do not. But the benefits of this part of the facial are so fantastic that it should be a service that's provided in every facial treatment! Below is a list of the many benefits that a facial massage will do for your skin:

  • Relaxes facial muscles that have a tendency to become tense with stress, which helps with "stress lines".

  • Drains fluids from sinuses to relieve sinus pressure and sinus headaches.

  • Totally relaxes the client which helps reduce stress-related conditions.

  • The proper facial massage techniques reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Reduces breakouts that are caused by stress.

  • Reduces the severity of acne when using "acne-reducing" massage techniques.

  • Provides increased circulation into skin cells and tissues through increased vitamin-rich blood flow.

  • Provides skin cells the rich dose of oxygen they need to thrive. Our skin is typically oxygen-deprived.

  • Skin cells, including fibroblasts, become stimulated and begin producing more collagen and elastin, the stuff that gives our skin it's youthful appearance.

  • Skin cells with regular facial treatments that incorporate facial massage "act" younger, making skin look and feel more youthful.

  • Skin is much healthier in general.

Facial massage is just one of the many reasons why receiving regular facial treatments by a professional are so important for the health of your skin. Along with professional skincare products, use of professional facial equipment your skin will look and feel so much better.


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