What is an Ultrasound Facial?

I've been giving and getting Ultrasound facial treatments for years now. Ultrasound is not as well known as some of the more expensive facial treatments out there, but it really has a great bang-for-your-buck wow factor!

Ultrasound facials benefit the skin in 3 ways.

1. Elevated Skin Temperature.

This slight heating of the skin combined with electromagnetic pulses to stimulate facial muscles called "small pilli" results in a mild lifting effect. Elevated temperature in the skin will also cause undesired cross-linked (hardened) collagen fibers to undergo a transformation for days after the treatment resulting in softer, stronger more elastic skin. Think of your collagen fibers like little fuzzy pipe cleaners (like the kind you did crafts with in the first grade.) As you age some of the pipe cleaners get all tangled and balled up into little clumps that show up as uneven spots on the surface of the skin (in other words, a wrinkle or scar). Ultrasound straightens out the pipe cleansers to more uniform lengths which result in a smoother skin surface. Softer but firmer skin is noticeable in the days and weeks post-treatment and so is this very nice glowing feeling, kind of like you've had just the right amount of time out in warm tropical sunlight! It truly feels fabulous!

2. Cellular Vibration.

These vibrations loosen skin debris at a cellular level. Debris can include unwanted pigment deposits and cellular waste. It's the lymphatic systems job to remove this cellular wast. As you get older this system can slow down becoming inefficient and poor lymphatic drainage can make the skin look tired and dull and increase acne as well. The ultrasound waves and the movement of the device provide a wonderful lymphatic drainage massage to the face.

3. Electromechanical Stimulation.

Ultrasound stimulates the muscles of the face and increases intercellular calcium which provides improved messenger function between the cells. What this means is your cells are communicating better and therefore working better together! This improves the blood flow which helps heal acne and makes thin skin stronger and firmer.

Ultrasound is a pain-free, drug-free and relaxing treatment that has seriously worked wonders on my own skin. Because of the energy the skin absorbs from the ultrasound device there is a mega-dose of moisture and product delivered into the skin too which can be used to target aging or acne. As a former acne sufferer it has kept the acne away and resolved most of my acne scarring with no negative side effects. It's also an excellent treatment plan for someone with ultra-sensitive skin like me!

Ultrasound is generally safe for most skin conditions. It's a good idea to disclose any health issues you are experiencing to your Esthetician so she can determine if Ultrasound treatments are right for you.

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