Is your skin suffering from addiction?

Addiction is characterized by two things.

1. Increased tolerance to a substance.

2. Well-defined symptoms upon withdrawal of a substance.

Have you ever noticed your favorite moisturizer or serum just isn't working anymore? I call that skin-boredom. It's the precursor to skin addiction. Too much of any product, but especially a poor quality one leaves the skin weak and lazy. Moisturizers and serums contain lipids, water and other ingredients that may already be on the surface of your skin and the body might think the skin has plenty so it stops providing water, oil and nutrients to the skin. This can lead to that dull, lifeless look you get when products stop working.

Like other addictions, often the more you use, the more you need for the desired effect.

An example of skin addiction a lot of us have experienced is lip balm. Lip balm is meant to smooth and moisturize the lips but if it contains chemicals and alcohols it will quickly strip the skins surface of oils and moisture and you'll end up needing more and more. Benzoyl Peroxide is another common ingredient that leads to dependency. It dramatically dries the skin which in a lot of cases can help with acne, but the side-effects are dry, red, irritated skin. When you take away the ingredient, the skin immediately flairs up with new breakouts from the withdrawal.

Another more extreme example is RSS or Red Skin Syndrome. This red, itchy and burning skin condition occurs with the withdrawal from a topical steroid that's been used for a chronic skin condition. RSS is a very intense healing process that can be very serious and painful. (You should never suddenly stop a topical medication without assistance from you doctor.)

So what's a girl to do? Skin rehab? Well kind of.

You're skin actually has what it needs to detox itself. One of it's most important functions is detoxification. To support this natural process, hydrate your body well to help flush out toxins and avoid over-stressing the skin by discontinuing chemical products or drying and irritating ingredients. (This includes makeup not just skincare) Your skin will eventually settle on a calmer baseline in a matter of just a few days or maybe a month or two depending on the strength of the products you've been addicted too.

A professional calming facial treatment with natural ingredients will help your skin to further detoxify as well.

Don't forget to consult a professional esthetician for product recommendations going forward to get your skin back to it's natural healthy state.


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