Your skin needs some vitamin "sea"

Summer is here and we’re dreaming of a relaxing vacation to the beach! The smell of salty beach air, the warm breezes and happy sun rays (fully protected by sunscreen of course!). That is probably why we’ve started talking a lot about “sea” ingredients for skincare. “Vitamin sea” if you will. The two main ingredients we keep coming back to are algae and seaweed.

Algae exists in the oceans and many other bodies of water on earth in the form of macro and micro algae. Macro algae is the kind you see floating around on the water and micro is the kind you can only see with a microscope. Both have great properties for skincare.

Algae is high in amino acids and proteins as well as vitamins A, C and E. Red algae in particular can be great for reducing inflammation and soothing red, sensitive skin.

Algae also contains anti-oxidants which protect skin from free-radical damage. Free-radicals cause premature aging so we want as much of a shield up against those little buggers as we can possibly get! Algae is also famous for instantly hydrating and conditioning the skin.

Seaweed is another sea ingredient that is popular right now in skincare. Seaweed provides amazing instant hydration to the skin and is extremely anti-inflammatory and detoxifying which is why you see it being used in many skincare products these days.

Both algae and seaweed derived ingredients are excellent for dry and sensitive skin types but they are also a wise choice for those with concerns about aging or wrinkled skin as well.

Another great reason we love being estheticians is there are so many fun and healthy ingredients out there for skincare and we’ve had fun in the spa this month formulating a couple of different specialty treatments using these ingredients including one for the face using algae and one for the body using seaweed. I think it’ll be nice paired with some soothing ocean wave themed spa music don’t you?

Now back to thoughts of vacation… take a sip of your margarita and close your eyes and pretend you’re at the beach…

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