What we're reading this summer

You may not know this but a lot of Estys are total book nerds. Most of us read for fun as well as to further our knowledge in the wide world of skincare and holistic health. Here's a look into what a few of us will be reading by the pool this summer (In the shade with SPF 50, of course)

Melissa Hoefler, Esthetician

"Think and Eat Yourself Smart" by Dr Caroline Leaf. It takes a neuroscience approach to how our toxic thoughts and lifestyles create 80% of our diseases - and how to change that!

"The T5 Wellness Plan" by Dr. Sears. This doctor was introduced to me by my Chiropractor for an alternative approach to health. His whole body wellness approach addresses inflammation, gut health, balancing hormones, and even how to make your own medicine.

Kimber Warren, Esthetician

"Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Intervention for Finding and Treating The Root Cause" by Izabella Wentz. She a pharmacist detailing her own struggles with Hashimoto's and the book is an incredible wealth of information.

Pam Edmondson, Esthetician and Health Coach "How Not to Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease." by Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM. Michael Greger is the founder of nutritionfacts.org. which is a great resource for explaining nutrition in easy to understand videos. If you haven't checked out nutritionfacts.org yet definitely get over there and watch some videos! I'll admit I partly bought this book because of the catchy title, but also because of story in the preface where Dr Greger tells the story of his grandmother who was given a death sentence at age 65 by her doctors but ended up through healthy diet and lifestyle to enjoy an additional 31 years! This book is broken down by diseases, hearth disease, cancer, diabetes, etc and includes Dr. Greger's daily dozen which is what to eat to add years to your life. It's an amazing resource!

Make a comment here and let us know what you're reading this summer!


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