The Evolution of a Beauty Biz

What is the Evolution of Skin Essentials?

That’s what I started asking myself about 18 months ago.

Business was “ok”. We were busy with services and we were carry a couple large mainstream beauty brands as well as a couple smaller obscure old favorites.

But I wanted to do a re-launch or “evolution” and turn my spa and boutique into a destination for healthy, effective, professional beauty products and healthy holistic beauty services.

My vision is to have a modern collective of esthetics industry professionals focused on providing holistic skin and body care options in both professional treatments and a carefully curated collection of healthy, natural, effective products.

This has always been my vision.

When I went into business over 10 years ago I started on the healthy beauty biz owner path and have spent lots of time learning about ingredients and trying different skin and skin nutrition products over the years. (I have quite the collection by the way!) Ten years ago there was not really a whole lot to choose from, although I did find some awesome things. However, I also found at the time my local market really wasn’t interested in this category. Back then healthy beauty products had a reputation for short shelf lives, low efficacy and high prices. Boy have things changed. It’s mind boggling how many awesome healthy beauty brands are out there now that fit all of our criteria. They have great ingredients, a wide range of price points, they are amazingly effective and are mostly small companies that share a lot of our values as a small business!

In the last four months alone I have researched and tested on myself over 35 healthy beauty brands. There are SO MANY that I absolutely love! Several of us from the spa also attended the Indie Beauty Expo where we tried some amazing new products and met so many individuals who were so passionate and knowledgeable about healthy and indie beauty! We’ve settled on a little over 25 lines for Skin Essentials boutique including some beauty nutrition products like aptogenic herbs, probiotics, CBD oil and greens, which I am really excited about since I am a holistic health coach as well as an esthetician. Wellness is such a large part of beauty. If you feel good you really do look good. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

I decided to also overhaul of the look and feel of the entire retail/boutique space as well as some added healthy, holistic service options. There is so much day to day work involved in owning your own business, it can be truly exhausting but it’s refreshing to have a new concept to roll out for my customers and I’m really excited about educating them on how healthy beauty can really be life changing not only from a beauty standpoint but a wellness standpoint.

In the future I see us taking it further with not only more healthy beauty product selections but with hands on education in the healthy beauty category for both customers and local industry professionals. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded pros who really care about their craft and have the same healthy beauty mission that I do. It hasn’t always been easy to get to this point but now that we’re here it’s obvious that we have a very specific culture at Skin Essentials. All of our healthy changes are destined to cause a “trickle down effect” on those around us and I believe there is no limit to what that effect can achieve in our community.


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