New year, New Perspective on Skin Health

Have you ditched your resolution yet? Did you stop making them?

We’re barraged by weight loss and health boosting advice every year in January. The post-holiday frenzy of get-healthy media is exhausting isn’t it?

Let me tell you a little secret that took me many years to learn. Getting healthy is not hard. Having healthy skin isn’t difficult either. We’ve just been falsely taught that it is a difficult undertaking. Your skin’s appearance is usually an indicator of your overall health. If it’s red, irritated and inflamed there’s a chance your whole body is inflamed. If your skin is sluggish, dull and clogged up looking then the rest of your body is probably sluggish and clogged too.

Focusing on simple solutions instead of worrying about what you “can’t have” is the secret to overall health in my opinion. It doesn’t mean your life and your diet are going to be perfect. You have to give yourself some time and focus on small additions to your routine.

Drink plenty of water. If you think drinking water is boring, put some fruit in it. It’s yummy with lemon or oranges or even cucumber. Try it, I dare you. If your hooked on soda or drink too much coffee don’t get yourself all worked up about quitting your habit. Deprivation just sets you up for failure. Instead, add more water to your routine. Getting more hydrated will help you not want as much soda. Being hydrated makes every organ in your body function better especially your skin.

Eat real food and lots of plants. There is so much conflicting advice about what you should eat. The reason we are bombarded with so much conflicting advice is simple, it’s profitable for those who are trying to sell you something. You can’t go wrong just getting more real food in your diet. Foods that aren’t packaged or processed is what you should gravitate towards when possible.

When you do your grocery shopping buy some veggies to snack on. Find two or three healthy recipes you love and spend a Sunday cooking your meals in advance. Make cooking a fun activity and invite a friend over or get your kids involved.

Are you crazy busy? Do you find yourself eating out a lot? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Buy yourself a salad when you are out to eat. Keep some nuts at your desk for a healthy, filling snack during the day. Adding in small healthy changes makes a huge difference in your health. Vitamins and nutrients found in real, whole foods nourish the body and the skin. Adding more nutrients to your diet will also make you feel so much better! The trick is to still enjoy eating!

Protect yourself from the sun. If you know someone with beautiful skin, it’s highly likely they have protected themselves from the sun most of their life. The sun truly is the number one enemy of healthy looking skin. Sun protection is so easy these days. If you wear makeup, choose mineral makeup. Minerals naturally reflect the suns rays without chemicals. If you don’t wear makeup there are lots of mineral sunscreens on the market that are excellent and keeping the skin cool and protected. Wear a hat, long sleeves and dark glasses if you’re going to be out in the sun for a while. It’s never too late, and you are never too old to protect yourself from the sun.

Have a positive attitude. You can also think your way to healthy skin believe it or not. As an esthetician who has treated people with acne and excess pigmentation for 13 years, one of the things I’ve noticed with the clients who get measurable skin improvements or have completely cleared their acne is that they believe they can. There are so many factors that go into these skin issues, hormones, environment, stress, diet, topical products. I find that if both myself and the client go into it with an open mind and are willing to try different things and adjust our protocol along the way and if we both believe it’s possible then we get better results. If the client says things like “I’ve tried everything, nothing works” or “I have awful skin, just like my mom.” and they’ve made up their mind about having “awful skin” or “nothing works” then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy because they aren’t willing to try things that do work.

You may have noticed that other than sunscreen, I didn’t mention skincare products yet. I do believe that using quality professional products and seeing an esthetician will help give you glowing skin. In fact having a skincare regimen that you can stick to faithfully will do wonders for your complexion. However without enough water, healthy food, sun protection and a healthy thought process, that skin cream will probably be a waste of money for you. Shift your perspective and simplify how you get healthy this year and then just keep going….it’s not a New Year thing after all, it’s a way of life.

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