My Self-Care "Greatest Hits". Plus 12 Days of Hygge.

For the second year in a row we have made our January focus "Hygge" at the spa. Hygge, pronounced "hue-ga", is a Danish concept about being warm, cozy and taking good care of yourself during the long cold winter. So being in the spa business, we are usually all about the whole self-care thing although sometimes we have a tendency to take care of others more than we take care of ourselves. I think that's probably not unique to spa professionals though.

So this year I'm trying to bring back some self-care in my life without starting any new hobbies or having to go out and buy a lot of new stuff. Instead I'm focusing on things I already have and love but have just forgotten about or gotten too busy for lately.

So here is my "greatest hits" of self-care that I'm loving this winter.

Aromatherapy. I know it sounds hippie dippy. But you know what? I have a couple of really fancy diffusers at home and at the spa but I've gotten out of the habit of using them. So I went through my oil collection and I've been making it a point to enjoy them! My all time favorite will probably always be lavender, but I'm also loving the combo of clove, balsam fir and blood orange for a happy winter scent!

Making my bed. I don't know why, but this task that takes literally seconds really makes me feel calmer and like I have my life together in the mornings. For some reason it's like a launch button on my morning routine, once I do it I'm ready to get started on all the tasks of my day!

Using my home office. In fact I'm writing this post from my desk. My office has a great view and when it's clean it's a nice place to sit and do whatever, whether it be sorting out business stuff on the computer or browsing through Pinterest. Through the fall and holiday season my desk became a dumping ground for all kinds of papers and miscellaneous. I felt displaced. So I made it a point in the last couple of weeks to clean it out and keep it (mostly) clean.

Cooking. But only when I want to, because I enjoy it. Not because I think other people need to be fed. I'm making a conscious effort not to stress myself out keeping the fridge and the cupboards fully stocked and planning tons of meals and more work for myself. No one here is going to starve if I don't knock myself out food shopping and prepping every weekend. Cooking really is an art form when you do it for enjoyment. Try it.

Learning a new skill. I have a tendency to buy books and save articles about things I want to learn to do, then put off reading them! So I dug out this book about Gua Sha face lifting and I've been learning how to do it on my own face. I already had all kinds of jade stone scrapers and rollers but just haven't used them much till now! I'm so glad I finally took the time to do this because it will make my work days more interesting too to incorporate this into my facial offerings. I'm sure this is one my clients will love too!

So think about it... what you can do to bring yourself a little enjoyment and take good care of yourself this winter and beyond?

You can see it doesn't have to be difficult.

If you need a little inspiration, here's 12 days of Hygge just for you....

12. Light some candles, enjoy the glow.

11. Bake something yummy or stop at your local bakery for a treat.

10. Go for a walk. Take in the world around you.

9. Curl up with a good book. Forget about everything else for a while.

8. Make a warm drink. Tea, coffee, latte, whatever makes you feel warm and happy.

7. Wear some fuzzy socks!

6. Create a Hygge nook. A happy, cozy corner or small area where you can relax.

5. Be grateful. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

4. Spend a day at the spa, or make a spa day at home DIY style.

3. Watch your favorite movie.

2. Write in a journal

1. Enjoy some great memories. Display a favorite photo where you'll see it often!

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