5 Things You Should Know About Body Skincare

Anyone else happy to see summer in full swing?

Many of you are exposing more skin this time of year and I'm here to tell you that your body needs skincare too! Here are five things you should know about body skincare:

1. Exfoliate for a smoother bod. Super easy body exfoliation solution: Dry Brushing! Not only does it exfoliate your skin, it helps detoxify your whole body! Dry brushing is an essential and energizing step for body skincare. It's like a juice cleanse for your skin! I really love this one and it comes with instructions. Learn more about dry brushing here.

2. Use a body treatment, not a body lotion. Not all body lotions are bad, but many are loaded with binders and fragrance. Use one that not only moisturizes but improves your skin. For years I have relied on 302 Body Treatment Intensive to reduce skin irritation, speed healing, reduce inflammation and improve texture and tone. You can purchase it in the boutique or online here. (use the secret password avocado for online 302 purchases.)

3. Body oil is your friend. Unlike lotions, oil can create a better barrier on the skin and keep your skin moisturized longer. The trick to body oil is finding the right one that is not too think or one that does not leave a residue on the surface of the skin.  The Ritual Body Oil is local-made and has a light, spicy scent and feels amazing on the skin. 302 Body Massage Oil is one I often use for arm massages during my facial treatments, has a super light texture, is extremely well -absorbed and a sweet smell of vanilla that isn't over powering. 

4. Avoid self-tanner mistakes. Exfoliate before you use self tanner, removing dead cells first will help the self tanner stick to your skin. I like to dry brush before my shower or use a sisal cloth in the shower. Then I apply self-tanner after I'm done showering and dried off. If you have any creases or wrinkles sometimes the self tanner can collect there leaving a dark line. (This is common on the neck if you're over a certain age.) To prevent this just use your blow drier on the cold setting and dry those areas really good right after you apply the product. Use a gradual self tanner once a day for 2 or 3 days. Moisturize your skin on days you're not using self-tanner. Staying moisturized will make your self tanner look better and last longer. When you notice it's fading a lot, start the process again by exfoliating head to toe! I love this self tannerand have even used it on my face. 

5. Protect like a pro.  What's the best sunscreen? Honestly it's the one that you will use, so it's important to find one you like! I prefer mineral sunscreens. Minerals stay on the surface of the skin and cause UV rays to reflect off the skin. Sunscreens with chemicals (as opposed to minerals) sink into the upper layers of the skin and allow the UV rays to penetrate the skin where a chemical reaction occurs to prevent sunburn. Mineral protection is much healthier and can prevent more sun damage without the use of potentially toxic chemicals. For the face I like302 Mineral Moisturizer or Suntegrity's 5 in 1 natural face moisturizer.  Don't forget to protect your lips too with an SPF lip balm like Hurraw! Sun lip balm. Also it's extremely important not to let sunscreen give you a false sense of security. Limit your exposure when you can and make sure when you take added precautions such as wearing a hat and sunglasses and protective clothing when appropriate. And most importantly, reapply your sunscreen often (every 80 minutes is best)


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