All You Need is Love...and Lipstick.

You can never have too many lip glosses I always say!  Seriously, I have 4 in my purse right now and that's after I did a purse clean-out this weekend!  I've literally spent years finding the best of the best when it comes to lip products. The beauty industry is notorious for sneaking all kinds of toxic crud in your lipstick. Did you know that most of the mainstream brands have tested positive for lead. Yep, lead. There is no safe level of lead exposure people! Not only that but when the FDA finally did look into the lead in lipstick issue they found a whole lot more. You can read more about it here. The cosmetic lines I've chosen for Skin Essentials were chosen because of their awesome, clean lip color products.

Clove + Hallowlip sticks called "Lip Creme" are my all time favorite. (My color is Sugared Plum if you want to get me something for Valentines Day. ;O) There is a lot of variety in this line that also offers lip glazes and lip velvet which are matte lip stains. Clove + Hallow was created by a makeup artist and bares The Clean15™ Guarantee: No cheap fillers or unnecessary fluff. Just the good stuff, delivered in 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula. I love this minimalist approach to formulating products. Here are just a few examples of what you won’t find in this Eco Cert approved brands products: parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or flavor, and more than 1,500 other ingredients that do more harm than good. You can learn more about Clove + Hallow's Clean15™ Guarantee here.

Lily Lolo"Clear" Lip Gloss ( Almost clear with a natural tint) is a delicious chocolatey natural lip gloss packed with vitamin e & organic jojoba. This one is good enough to eat, it's free from harsh chemicals and it has a hint of chocolate flavor! I like Lily Lolo glosses because they aren't sticky and their not too shiny either, just the right amount of gloss. Lily Lolo lipsticks are also easy to wear and stay on nicely. ("Berry Crush" is my fave.) Lily Lolo is formulated and made in England and pioneered the clean beauty movement with healthy, high-performing, beautiful cosmetics without compromise. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonising natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology.

Hurraw! and 302 Lip Balms If you are "addicted to lip balm it's probably because your lip balm contains drying ingredients like alcohol that cause you to need more and more lip balm! Our lip balms won't dry out your lips! 302 Lip Balmis probably one of our top-selling products of all time. The natural avocado oil in this balm combined with shea butter will soften the skin on first application. The sensation of softer skin naturally reduces the feel of dryness and you will apply the product less frequently and get a better result!  If flavors are your thing you'll love Hurraw! balms. This vegan, raw, organic lip balm is available in the boutique in mint, vanilla, orange, black cherry, coconut and the SPF balm has a tangerine flavor!

Honeybelle Shop's Brown Sugar Lip Scrub If your lips are often peeling you need this. Scrubbing off the dead skin will help your lip balms absorb much better! Along with brown sugar this scrub contains honey, a humectant, a substance that retains and preserves moisture. Then organic & cold-pressed coconut oil moisturizes the new skin and keeps them supple! Ingredients are all edible, so feel free to lick it off after a nice clean scrub!

That wraps it up for now on my lovely lip collection!  If you've read this far, I'd like to thank you for reading my blog! If you have questions about any of these products or other lip products you are interested in, please drop me a line!

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