All You Need is Love... and Moisturizer

Aw, February... Was anyone else glad to see January leave us? I'm so happy to see February arrive and with it a Chief's Super Bowl win to boot! Everyone seems in a better mood now! February is all about Valentines candy and the promise of spring right around the corner!  It's also that cold, dry time of year. Well, here in Kansas you never know, the weather is drastically different from one day to the next, it's seems we have winter about every other week! Cold, dry air and crazy weather extremes have a way of making your skin a mess!

Here are my true loves for skin hydration this winter:

302 Calming Mist Listen carefully: you can never use too much Calming Mist! We practically bathe in the stuff. This is an old favorite of mine, I've relied on it for many years for use in my treatment room and for myself. It's an instant hydrator and calms just about any problem you might have. If you are so dry that you are itchy, you need this! It can be used on face or body. Use it as a toner before applying serum, oil or lotion. You can also spray it over mineral makeup to "set" the powder. Or just spritz some on your face any old time for a quick refresh!

Dermaki Daily Facial Moisturizer This lotion is the perfect texture for any skin type. Because of their simplicity and fresh, light scent Dermaki's products tend to appeal to both men and women. 

Blissoma Pure Sensitive Care Complex Is your skin a drama queen over-reactor? Pure is absolutely our best moisturizer for sensitive skin.  Not too heavy and not too light, Pure reduces the appearance of redness and improves the appearance of tone and texture for seriously reactive faces.  

302 Recovery Plus If you're the type of person who hates the feel of lotions or creams on your face or if your skin is on the oily side but you still like to use a moisturizer ,this is the one for you. It's actually a gel so it hydrates without leaving any residue. 

Earth Harbor Siren Song Multi-Tasking Hydrating Creme This purely natural whipped creme actually performs using a combination of Sea Retinol, Superherbs, superfood antioxidants, and plumping omegas. It has a silky matte finish that feels amazing. If you have a naturally dry skin type this is your skins new BFF.

302 Moisturizing Drops This is one of our top sellers because it works for any skin type. Instead of an "oil" it's actually made of lipids which allow it to absorb instantly. It can be used alone or you can add it to your current moisturizer. It's popular for facial moisturizing but it can also be used on the body. It won't leave you feeling oily or greasy. Your skin will just look and feel softer and moisturized. This one has almost a cult following, It's truly magical!

Hummingbird Farms Heavy Cream I love this for hands. It's thick enough to protect the skin but doesn't feel slippery or greasy. It's available in Lavender Citrus or Unscented and the 3 ounce size is perfect for home or your purse. 

The Ritual Skin Elixir The yummiest of body oils and it's made right here in Wichita! Put this on before you dry off from your shower. This light textured oil infused with clove, orange and Siberian fir will have you feeling and smelling amazing!

302 Lip Balm You simply won't find a better lip balm (and believe me I've tried almost all of them!). This one has the best texture and will break the cycle of lip balm addiction because it contains no drying ingredients. It's a top seller in the boutique!

Not happy with your current moisturizer? Having trouble figuring out which is best for you? Feel free to reach out to me I'm happy to help! 

**Pam's disclaimer: While I have not been paid by these product companies to brag about their products, I do benefit since I sell them in my store and thus make a profit from their sale. However, I have personally tested all of these on my crazy, red, sensitive, mixed up and confused skin and they have proved themselves to be spectacular! If you know me, you know I don't just sell stuff to make money (although, the Corgis gotta eat ya know!) I became an expert of sorts on skincare because of the skin problems I've experienced for many years and along the way I've tried a lot of crud that doesn't work. I've made it my mission in my almost 15 years as an Esthetician to find solutions for myself and my clientele that are effective, have healthy ingredients and are made in the USA by small companies. I sell only products that I believe in and would use on myself. Thank you so much for reading my blog-I appreciate you!

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