Coping with Quarantine: Mixed Messages

Quarantine stress got me like...

(LOL! I just stumbled across this image in the stock photos and couldn't resist using it here!)

The Spin Cycle. There is a lot of spin on social media right now about how you should cope with the current coronavirus outbreak and shutdown. As usual, the internet (and society) is full of mixed messages. One minute I'm hearing how grateful I should be to have time to enjoy spring, enjoy family and enjoy being at home. Then I hear I should be doing some kind of public service (um...I'm all for it but don't ask me to sew masks at home, I have to pay someone to sew on a button!) The next minute I'm seeing that I should hustle and take advantage of the time to improve myself and learn something. Then I read something this morning about how I shouldn't fall prey to the urge to be productive, and on and on and on....

Here's the thing. What no one seems to be saying is: this sucks. We're losing a lot and it's ok to call it like it is and be bummed about it if you want to. It's called grief. I get that there are ways to cope and feel better, but it's also ok to acknowledge the current situation if you are feeling sad, angry, frustrated or scared. These are real feelings and they aren't magically going to go away.

Like skincare, coping is bio-individual. Something I learned about back when I was getting my health-coach certification is the term "bio-individuality". Bio-Individuality is the concept that each body is different and therefore there is no one perfect approach to being healthy. (That's why diets don't work!) Science has shown that mind and body are definitely connected so it stands to reason that this bio-individual approach would also apply to stress and coping. Personally, I am grateful to have some time to myself and do some things I've been putting off and also learn some new things. As someone who has been in the business of serving people for many years and as a small business owner I think being productive is what is going to get me through this. That's why I continue to work on my business now more than ever. That's just me. What works for me isn't going to work for everyone. However you cope and whatever you decide to focus on is up to you. You know what's right for you. Don't let someone (or the internet) tell you that how you're coping is wrong. I wouldn't recommend giving other people unsolicited coping advice either. It's ok to be supportive and be there for others but remember not to judge. You don't know what's really going on in someone's head anymore than they know what's going on in yours.

Thanks for listening...

I know this post isn't really skin care related, but I had to say it. (Although I'm sure all this stress will be effecting everyone's skin and I'll be here to take care of you when it's all over!) This crisis is bringing out the worst and the best in people. You have the power to decide which category you fall in there. I hope you'll give yourself some space to process things and do what feels right for you to cope with it.

Feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you're coping. I'd love to hear what's working for you!

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