Could You Use a Virtual Esthetician?

Like a lot of you, I've had plenty of time on my hands lately. That has not been easy for me. I'm definitely a "doer". I'm task oriented and I'm usually quite productive so this whole quarantine has been a bit torturous for me at times! It's been over two weeks now that I haven't been doing services but I have been quite productive! My taxes are mostly done, my house is clean, I've taken part in several educational webinars and I've been getting caught up on online classes that I had previously enrolled in. Business-wise, I've been working on the website, these emails, the blog and getting my on-line store built up. The spin on social media right now is about how not to feel pressured to be productive, well I have a whole lot to say about that! I talk about it a little on the blog here.

I'm finding that over two weeks in, I'm really missing serving my clients! Then it occurred to me, are they missing me too? How is their skin doing? Spring is in full swing now and that can bring about a whole host of skin changes and issues. So I thought I would offer some "Virtual Sessions". I've toyed with this idea off and on for quite a while. When I was working on my health coaching certification back in 2012 was when I first heard of the concept. It's crossed my mind and my to-do list many times since then but now is definitely the time that it makes sense more than ever! 

So you're probably wondering, what kind of skincare can possibly be accomplished remotely? Obviously you can't get a physical treatment on your skin during a virtual session, but there is a lot we can do to work on getting you to your desired skincare results! Here's everything you need to know about virtual sessions:

“What is a virtual session?” A virtual session is confidential one-on-one time with me, your esthetician and healthy beauty expert via phone or video calls. Together we’ll determine how best to use our time to get the skincare results you are looking for.

Examples of things we can focus on during your session:

Building a healthy and sustainable home skin routine.  Together we’ll create a realistic skincare plan you can stick to at home.

Trouble shooting reoccurring skin issues.  Not currently getting the results you desire? We’ll do a thorough assessment and work on finding healthy solutions.

Skin nutrition.  Food, supplement and lifestyle resets for healthy skin.

"What if I'm not "tech-savvy"? What do I need to do a virtual session?"

Sessions can be done via FaceTime, Zoom meeting or a good old fashioned phone call. We’ll work with whatever technology you are comfortable with. You don’t need a fancy camera or microphone either, most phones and laptops have all you need to conduct your session. 

"How much is a virtual session?"

One session is $49 or you can purchase a series of 3 sessions for $125. 

Each session takes up to 40 minutes. 

Session fees paid during the Stay-At-Home order can be applied towards product purchases or any facial treatment with me in the future.

"How do I schedule a virtual session?"

You can book your session by going to our online booking site.

Choose “Virtual Esthetics Session” from the list of services and choose search to see a list of my available appointment times.

You can also call me at 316-684-1857 or email me to book your session. Once your session time is reserved, you’ll receive an email with steps you need to take before your session appointment.

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