Ingredients Simplified: Enzymes

What are Enzymes? Enzymes are a popular skincare ingredient derived from fruits like papaya or pineapple. Enzymes clean and brighten the skin but are also anti-inflammatory because they contain anti-oxidant vitamins like vitamin C.

Why do I recommend Enzymes?

They are great at deep cleaning pores without causing irritation. Enzymes are more gentle than most scrubs,  alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or microderm treatments. Using enzymes eliminates the risk of over-exfoliation which is a common culprit of weakening and drying out your skin.

How do enzymes work? Enzymes do not damage or remove live cells. They only exfoliate dead cells making them suitable for all skin types. Unlike chemical acids (AHA's) which can burn or weaken the skin's barrier, enzymes "un-glue" the bond between dead cells without disrupting the pH of your skin. 

I have long been against over-exfoliating the skin and I've never been a big fan of the "burn your face off" method of skincare. I know my opinion is unpopular in certain circles but honestly over-exfoliation is a leading factor in skin aging. When skin is over-exfoliated repeatedly it just keeps getting thinner and thinner thus weakening the skin and making it wrinkle. Plus, too much exfoliating leads to adverse reactions for a lot of us. Beware of anyone trying to sell you excessive peels or aggressive exfoliation treatments. You can read more about the many effects of over exfoliation here.

When purchasing at-home enzyme skincare products be sure and read your labels, sometimes they sneak exfoliating acids (AHA's) in there too. If you're not sure if your current exfoliant is right for you, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. I'm happy to decipher that label for you. If you suffer from any chronic skin condition (for example: acne, rosacea or eczema) always consult your esthetician before starting any at-home exfoliation product. 

My current enzyme favorites available now in our store: 302 Enzyme Gel or Mist 302 Exfoliator Acid Free Dermaki Gentle Rose Exfoliator

Watch my awkward video about doing an at-home enzyme "peel".

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