Pam's Morning Routine Revealed

I've been meaning to write a little about my morning routine for a while now because I get asked a lot by clients what I use, how I use it and why I use it.  So today I made my self a little list while standing in front of my bathroom cabinet and realized the place was a disaster! So starting on this blog post actually led to a big clean-out of my bathroom cabinet because a.) it's New Years and it feels like a good time to purge and b.) I was literally out of space to put anything in there and things were falling out often when I would reach for something. The dang thing was so crowded with samples, stuff I have tried and didn't really like or just stuff I don't use anymore like even styling products from when I still had a pixie hair cut! Like many people I fall into this hoarding trap of thinking I might need something again even though I'm no longer using it or I rationalize that I need to keep things and use them up before buying new things. But the reality is, if I don't like it I'm never going to use it up so I decided to toss it and simplify my mornings by not having as much junk to weed through to get to what I really use. It also looks so much better and I swear I can think clearer and function better when things are nice and neat, so there is that. I purged over 30 items from this cabinet and it literally only took 15 minutes so I would like encourage you to do your own bathroom vanity cabinet purge. (Let me know how it turns out.)

Before  /   After Bathroom cabinet New Year purge! Over 30 items removed and I set my self up for a more organized routine! Notice in the after photo:  1Stack of clean washcloths next to my cleanser for getting that makeup off quick before bed 2Actives all lined up and ready go for the mornings. Also the plate standing up behind my faucet is what I use for my mineral makeup so I don't get powder all over my sink and countertop. Notice also how much neater the brushes and tools are tucked away inside the cabinet (I cleaned those brushes too!) My top shelf is full of things I don't use daily, but I still use them. (Plus I have a  purple wine cork in there from my wedding's been in there almost 10 years and it's a happy reminder to see daily.)

...Ok back to my routine...

I have a tendency to wake up way too early, somewhere between 5:30 and 6am, and lay there in denial for a little while thinking I have the time so maybe I'll go back to sleep for a little while? Nope, wide awake. I pick up my phone and check email and social media for a while, I know not very enlightened, but it's what I currently do and I'm slowly working at doing less of that...  I also look at my schedule for the day and get my bearings on what I'll be doing today. How many facials do I have? (Do I have enough clean towels? Better get up and start the dang dryer...)

I usually don't need to be at the spa until 9 or 9:30am so I have a lot of time in the mornings to do stuff like write this blog! Oh and plenty of time to drink lots of coffee (win!) Seth has to be at work ridiculously early and the teenagers are usually gone by 7:30 so the house is mostly quiet in the mornings and I like that I can get some things done before I head to the spa. Monty and Betty typically supervise while I'm in the "marketing department" and they expect to be let outside at least twice in the mornings although at least one of those is a fake-out by Betty to see if she can get an extra cookie...

  ("Um...treats please....")

Sometimes I eat breakfast at home if I'm hungry and sometimes I wait till I get to work and have some oatmeal or something like that. I have been known to skip breakfast and just have an early lunch. I don't have a lot of rules about when to eat breakfast I just eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not. If I do eat breakfast at home I try to remember to take my supplements with food. I keep some at work too so I can try to take them there If I haven't yet. This is something I'm trying to get better at and more consistent at this year...

Now for the skincare... This is actually very simple. You might think since I'm an Esthetician that I'll have a 10 step morning regimen full of super trendy products, but it just isn't so. In the mornings I wash my face in the shower with 302 Face and Body Bar. I have oily skin so even if I thoroughly cleansed the night before I still feel like I need to wash my face in the mornings. About once a week I will exfoliate (also in the shower) with a mixture of 302 Enzyme Gel and Mineral Cleansing Aid. I use it like scrub then leave it on throughout most of the shower so it can work it's magic with the steam before rinsing it off. When I'm done with the shower I mist my face, neck and chest with 302 Calming Mist then apply only oneof the following "active" options: a. 302 Drops b. A Drops c. Lightening Drops d. Blissoma Smooth A+ AND Blissoma Flawless oil. 

I line these four options up in my cabinet and after I use one I put it at the end of the line so I'm always using what's first in line. I only use one "active" per day. This gives me a nice alternation which makes the skin respond at the optimum level in my opinion, plus it takes very little time and simplifies things. (I'm working on adding a Gua Sha massage after applying my "active" each morning. So far I'm kind of sporadic at practicing this but I'm hoping to be more consistent with it eventually since it firms and lifts the face and neck.) Since I'm usually finishing with an oil or lipid I typically don't need a moisturizer. If I'm planning to be out in sun a bit I will apply either Blissoma Photonic Moisturizer or 302 Mineral Moisturizer. Mineral Moisturizer is tinted so I like this one as a primer sometimes under makeup.  I also like to wear it on days I don't want to wear foundation since it evens up the skin tone a bit. Though I don't usually wear a typical moisturizer in the mornings,  I do like to use Blissoma Peace moisturizer in the evenings after I wash my makeup off with 302 Cleanser. (Those two things are pretty much it for my evening routine, kinda boring, that's why I chose to write about my morning instead.) A lot of estheticians will tell you to use your serums or "actives" in the evenings and yeah that's great but honestly I just don't feel like it in the evenings. I'm lucky if I feel like doing anything at all in the evenings really. I'm the boss of me so this is how I do it and it's working for me. 

I wear foundation almost every day. I consider foundation part of my skincare regimen.  I use Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation. I've worn it daily for over 10 years now. There is a reason this product has won awards. It has excellent coverage without looking caked on. It lets the skin breathe and is anti-microbial so it's amazing for acne prone skin. It is also a very finely milled mineral powder so it absorbs oil and controls shine. A lot of people think if you're over a certain age that you can't wear powder foundation. That simply isn't true. It's all about what products you're using on your skin before and how you apply the foundation. (If you need help figuring out foundation application please come see me!) This foundation doesn't have a SPF rating, however it's 100% minerals. It's similar to wearing a SPF 20 when applied for full coverage so it protects from UV damage and also keeps the skin cool.

I bought this plate at Target many years ago. It was a plastic dinner plate in their holiday section. It keeps my mineral powder from ending up all over my bathroom (in theory) and it matches my countertop nicely.

I don't have much of a makeup routine in the morning. For brows I love Plumescience pomade in Ashy Daybreak. It fills in the brow nicely, coloring the skin and the hair. (It's important to note that when I'm on top of things and get my eyebrow henna done I don't need to put any products on my brows for several weeks). 99% of the time I do not wear eyeshadow. I just don't want to spend the time on it most mornings but when I do I have the Pedal to the Metal palette from Lily Lolo and I wear Alima Eye Primer underneath it. Sometimes I wear the primer alone because it has just enough color to cover the veins that show on my lids. I finish up with Blinc eyeliner pencil and mascara because I know they will stay put! No black crud under my eyes! I've tried so many kinds it's embarrassing but this is the only one that actually stays put on me. 

That's about it, I'm done! I then say goodbye to the corgs, load up the car and head to the spa where I'm likely to see your smiling face!

So there you have it, my morning routine revealed. Was it all you dreamed it would be? I think it's important to note also that my routine changes from time to time. It's not always followed perfectly to a tee. Sometimes I get super ambitious and do a couple of masks a week, sometimes I go weeks without doing anything extra. Sometimes it's Sunday and I don't do anything in the morning or part of the afternoon for that matter (unless you count Netflix as an activity) Estheticians aren't perfect. We have days where we are exhausted and too tired to care so we sleep in our makeup. We skip a step here and there and we absolutely experiment with new and even crazy things sometimes. Have questions about my routine or wondering about the other contents of my cabinet? Want to share your routine with me?  Drop me a line, I'm here for ya....

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