Pam's tips to detox your life.

We've been talking about detoxing a lot lately at the spa. I think one reason is because summer brings us warm days and a slower pace. The kids are out of school, there's not as much of a mad rush in the mornings for some of us and some are looking forward to vacations and fun, relaxing times with friends and family. You've heard me say it before but detox is a sort of "vacation" for your system. I'm not just talking about detoxing from junk food, cleaning up your skincare routine or giving up something "sinful" that you enjoy. There are many ways to detox besides overhauling your diet. Here's a few you might not have thought of:

Digital Detox - Spending too much time on your phone or lap top? Who doesn't? This can be a tricky one to detox from. You may want to set a timer on your phone before you open that Facebook or Instagram app. Decide how long you want to immerse yourself in it then when the timer goes off put it down and get up and go outside or work on something else. Maybe start keeping a journal of the times you are likely to screen binge. Do you see a pattern? How do you feel during these times or right after? Being aware of how digital time makes you feel or figuring out just how much screen time you are really getting can be very eye-opening. 

Emotional Detox - Are there certain people that leave you feeling drained? Are you guilting yourself into doing things you don't really want to do? Take stock of the things that drain you emotionally and ask yourself if you really have to participate in them anymore. Sometimes personal and family obligations make it seem impossible to escape from energy vampires or stressful situations. You don't necessarily have to swear off people or situations but you do have the power to disengage from this stress, if even for a short time, and give yourself a break. Give yourself permission to step back, leave the room, not reply, whatever you need to do to give yourself a little peace. 

Detox Your Home - This can mean a lot of things. You see lots of bullet pointed articles online of all the toxic products you should purge from your home, beauty products, cleaning products, plastics. That's all well and good and I'm not against it, however, lets take a more practical approach. Start by just focusing on one room maybe. Don't overwhelm yourself with this task, after all the whole point is to un-complicate your life right? If there is one particular area of the house that stresses you out due to clutter or an abundance of toxic things then just focus on that one area. There's no deadline. When you are done with that area, move on to the next. 

Set your intention. This is huge. What do you want to achieve? Have a clear goal in mind or as I like to think of it, an equation: Less screen time = More time with friends and family. Less emotional stress = More rest and relaxation for you. Less toxins or clutter at home = A healthy, peaceful environment to escape the outside world.

Support Yourself Don't beat yourself up if it didn't go exactly as you planned. Any effort you put into the process is worth it, trust me. Reflect on what DID work for you. Write it down. If something didn't work, make a list of things you'd like to do differently next time. Did you just need to plan ahead a little more? Did you try to make too many changes at once? If that's the case just pick one thing to focus on and go for it!

Keep it going. A true healthy detox doesn't have to be a short period of deprivation. Remember, deprivation doesn't work! It sets you up to fail! Instead making small changes a little at a time can detox your life permanently! These are all healthy habits that can be practiced for a lifetime! 

Have you tried any of these tips to detox your life? I'd love to hear about it! Leave a comment and let me know how it went! If you have questions or need help detoxing your skincare or personal care products or if would like help with detoxing for optimal skin nutrition, I'm here for you too! 

Hope you are having a refreshing, relaxing summer so far! -Pam

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