Secret Beauty Hacks Only Your Esthy Knows

Almost 15 years as an Esthetician has taught me a few tricks and now you can be in the know too! Here are just a few helpful tips that you may not of heard before....

You might be using your cleanser incorrectly. The following tip works especially well with non-foaming cleansers. (The stuff that makes them foam is often drying to the skin anyway) Apply your cleanser onto dry skin and massage it around like a lotion. THEN get your finger tips wet and massage again before rinsing off. This way the cleanser really binds to makeup and other debris and does a much better job of getting the skin clean. Applying cleanser to wet skin can lead to it just slipping off and not grabbing the dirt, oil and makeup.

Sometimes your cleanser can also be a mask. With some cleansers like 302 Cleanser or Dermaki Hydrating Cleanser,  you can leave the cleanser on for a little while like a mask before you wash it off and it will actually soften the skin. This is because they are perfectly balanced and don’t pull the skin in any direction. This leaves the skin neutral and softened. (It's because they contain amphoteric surfactants which have a neutral charge not a positive or negative pH)

Apply oil to wet skin. You've heard by now that oil doesn't make you oily. In fact, I think it's the secret to glowing skin. The trick is to use the right kind of oil and to use the right amount. When applying oil to your face, mist your face first with toner or 302 Calming Mist. This will make the oil spread much better and you will need way less oil when applying it this way. This also works if your skin is just wet with water after washing your face. When putting oil on the body the same applies, do it while you're skin is still wet from bathing, it'll trap in all that moisture and you'll need less oil in the long run.

Make your own tinted moisturizer. Simply mix a little of your mineral foundation powder into your regular facial moisturizer. You can experiment with the consistency and coverage or amount of color. You'll save money by not buying yet another product and it will most likely be best for your skin anyway because of fewer added ingredients. You can also use this mixture as a primer when you're planning to do a more full coverage makeup look.

Get a spoolie brush! This handy little thing can comb lashes, groom eyebrows, and even scrub your lips! That's right, dip the spoolie into your favorite lip balm and gently scrub your lips. This will help your lip balm absorb quite nicely! (Don't forget to wash the spoolie regularly with anti-bacterial soap then let it air dry.)

Avoid sneaky breakout traps. Prone to breakouts? Don't use the same towel to dry your face as you use on everything else! Assign your face it's own towel, or even better, use a freshly laundered towel every time you dry your face! I know it's more laundry but you'll avoid putting unnecessary bacteria all over your face! I just keep a stack of fresh wash cloths next to my sink and use a new one each time to wash and then another one to dry. Change that pillowcase super often too, and clean off your cell phone and sunglasses daily, you'll thank me later.

I'd love your feedback on any of these tips, have you tried them? Do you have tips of your own you'd like to share? Send them to me!

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