Sustainability in the Spa Long after Earth Day

I get told all the time by clients that my job must be so fun and easy and how relaxing it must be to work in such a soothing environment. Well these things are true a lot of the time, however they don’t get to see all the laundry we do! lol.

Recently we had a discussion about cutting down on the laundry load by giving clients the option not to wear a gown during facial treatments (I mean, most stay under the covers the entire time and for facials we’re only dealing with the face neck and decollate anyway.) This conversation about gowns lead to the topic of, reducing waste and skipping some of the gowns would save some water and energy (actual electricity not just the energy we personally exert doing lots of laundry) So we’ve started to identify all the ways we already conserve and new ways we could produce less waste.

In our state the laws for the spa industry force us to use a certain amount of disposable things for sanitation reasons. Basically things that aren’t able to be disinfected should be disposable. This can create a lot of trash. There are some things that just don’t have disinfect-able alternatives, like wax sticks for instance have to be one-time use items. (Although, for brows we cut all of our new sticks in half so we’ll get twice as many sticks before we have to buy more.) There are other disposables we’ve been able to cut back or eliminate such as disposable brushes for tinting brows and lashes, we’ve found artist brushes that actually work better and are immersible in disinfectant solution. We’re also working on replacing our disposable square clothes or sponges we use during facials with a washable item (I know more laundry, but they are pretty small like just 3 or 4 inches across, so hopefully it won’t make a difference in our laundry loads!) We’ve started replacing some of our disposable drinking cup usage by having actual coffee cups and water glasses available at our drink station as well.

I know it’s not even close to Earth Day and we don’t want to brag too much <wink>, but we already practice a lot sustainable things around the spa. We don’t buy bottled water because it creates a ton of trash that lasts forever in landfills, we don’t do single pod coffee drinks for the same reason.

We have Culligan water service come out and refill our water cooler bottles for us and we have a good ‘ole Britta water pitcher too! We also use rechargeable batteries in our flameless candles, they are kind of a pain to mess with some times but without them, I would have personally thrown away hundreds of batteries in just the last couple of years. Our wonderful building owners have provided us with a dumpster that is only for cardboard. We get a lot of shipments of products in so it’s nice to know all those boxes get recycled. We’ve recently teamed up with the jewelry store next door to share recycle service for all of our other recyclable items like cans and paper cups etc. We’ve always been fans of not printing paper receipts. We’ve skipped this almost entirely from the beginning and done electronic receipts. We’ve never used plastic retail bags, our retail bags are made from recycled paper and they are also recyclable.

Along with our neighbors we gladly support a local organization called Bag Free Wichita. Bag Free Wichita is dedicated to getting a ban placed on plastic bags being distributed by stores. They also raised awareness of the damage plastic bags are doing to our local and global environment. You can learn more about it at

Last but not least, in the boutique we enjoy using everyday items that we already own for displays like old dishes, basket, tree branches and other random items instead of purchasing displays from manufacturers that eventually become outdated and have to be thrown out.

A lot of the measures we already have in place were taken to save money, not going to lie. It helps us keep our costs down (and your costs too!) Now we’re not saying that if you are used to wearing a gown during your facial that we’re going to take it away or that you can’t use a disposable drinking cup but we are working toward having more sustainable options all around. We hope you’ll look around your own home and workplace and find ways that you can conserve resources and if you have ideas where we can improve in this area, please share them with us!

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