This cutting edge treatment achieves the results of a more invasive modality without the pain, downtime, and other negatives associated with more invasive procedures. A Rezenerate Nano Facial immediately helps to improve tone, texture and balance and restores a healthy refreshed glow to your skin. The groundbreaking nanotechnology used in the Rezenerate wand allows for maximum absorption of targeted serums. Whether your combating aging, blemishes, sunspots or other skin issues-direct delivery of these serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal micro-environment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. In a mater of days a brand new, smoother, more radiant and even toned layer of skin will start to appear. Over the course of two weeks  skin firmness and elasticity is increased. Skin is left with an invigorated, youthful appearance. Long term improvements can continue to be seen for weeks even after a single facial. 

Rezenerate Nano Facial with Pam

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